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Commercial and industrial loans are loans that are issued for business uses. These loans are given directly to businesses and not to individuals. A loan to individuals could qualify as C&I loans, but only if the total of the loan is used only for professional, commercial, and industrial purposes.

Commercial and industrial loans are sometimes called commercial loans. Not all loans to businesses are considered C&I loans. Loans that are acquired through real estate are not included in this category. A loan to a financial institution is also excluded from the commercial and Industrial loans category. The same applies to loans offered to anyone involved in the agricultural sector, including farmers.   

C&I Loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of St. Petersburg

What are C& I Loans for?

Commercial and Industrial loans are offered for a specific reason for your business, but there are common uses for the loan.

Working capital: these are short-term loans that equip a business with income needs. Twice in the cycle of a business might require additional cash for the startup and during expansion. During these periods, the affluence of cash is better than incoming cash. By this, new customers and payments can be generated. 

Acquisitions and mergers: Your business may require connecting a supplier to manufacture new products or merge with a competitor in a coalition. Financing these business progresses with C&I loans is an excellent way to expand and grow your business.

Capital financing: is used to grow and expand small businesses requiring new machinery, equipment, and other items. A C&I loan can make repairs or renovations to existing facilities, assist in opening a warehouse, and set up a production line. 

How do C& I Loans Work?

Having a great idea is not enough for a business to grow but financing those ideas is necessary. They are an excellent way to support that expansion. C&I loans are the more accessible type of financing for businesses and are not the only way businesses can receive financing. Businesses can receive value in financing by issuing bonds or getting new investors. Realistically, the majority of small businesses cannot issue bonds or stocks. Many C&I loans are secured by collateral and are short-term apart from real estate.

Ways of Getting Commercial and Industrial Loans

There are certain things you may require to get a C&I loan. Your requirements will significantly depend on your situation but prepare well because it may complicate the process.   


For you to secure the loan, Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of St. Petersburg lenders will require collateral (assets). They are to act as security for the loan. It is easier to get a loan if it is secured by collateral and has lower interest rates. 


You may not be having collateral; you will need someone who can co-sign your business’ loan. The person must have a business and personal asset to use as collateral for your business. 

Personal Guarantees

You may be starting your business and do not have collateral. It is difficult to get a C&I loan without collateral, and you might be able to find a lender who will be your guarantee.

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