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Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of St. Petersburg is a company that can help you find the best private lenders to fund your commercial projects at affordable interest rates. So, contact us now and get the best real estate financing in St. Petersburg, Florida (FL). Find what services we offer below.

CRE Loan Pros of St. Petersburg Locations

Commercial real estate Loans: These loans are for the renovation and purchase of all commercial properties. Commercial real estate property can be thought of as any property which is made to make money. These repayment terms of Commercial real estate loans are shorter than residential loans. The repayment terms are for about 5 to 20 years. 

Commercial and industrial loans: These loans are issued to commercial enterprises, corporations, joint ventures, and not to any individual. These loans are a source of working capital. You can use these loans to purchase manufacturing plants and other needed equipment. These loans need to be secured by collateral and are made for a short period of time. The rate for these loans is very flexible. You can come to us anytime if you feel these loans can benefit your organization. 

Multifamily loans: We can help you get multifamily loans in an easy and hassle-free manner. It is essential here that the multifamily loans are only provided to properties that are used for residential purposes and not for commercial or any other purposes. These loans are for shorter time durations, and the money provided is not a huge sum. 

Mixed-use Loans: These loans are issued for properties used for residential and commercial purposes. These multi-use properties must not have more than four stories. The repayment options for mixed-use loans are easy. Even the terms of the loan can be negotiated easily. Mixed-use loans are of the following types:

  • Short term mixed-use loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Government-backed mixed-use loans
  • Mixed-use loans via a private lender

Construction Loans: These loans provide funding for a long-time duration. Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of St. Petersburg can help you get these loans at the best interest rates. The total sum of money for these loans is not taken at once. Here the money is taken step by step as the construction proceeds. The different types of construction loans are:

  • Construction to permanent loans
  • Renovation construction loans
  • Construction only loans

Private money loan: These loans are interest-only loans. In these loans, the person who borrows the money pays monthly interest throughout the term of the loan. And at the end of the loan, the balance can be paid. These loans can be secured by using real estate assets. You can use this to purchase a house, commercial property, or any multifamily building anywhere in Florida. 

Hard money loan: In these loans, the funds are received by the borrower by securing real estate property. Private money lenders and organizations issue these loans. Since the property of the person getting the loans is kept as collateral.

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of St. Petersburg has the best and most reliable financial experts that will help you find reliable private lenders. If you want quick loan approval and low interest rates, contact us now!

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