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Commercial real estate loans are quite important, especially when the business faces a crunch or needs immediate funding. This is where companies like us help businesses find reliable private lenders who offer quick funding at lower interest rates.

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Who are we?

We’re Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of St. Petersburg – a full-service commercial real estate financing company. Our company helps business entities in procuring all types of commercial loans. 

Find the services we offer below: 

  • Private money loans: These loans are given to any individual, company, or private organization. No traditional guidelines need to be followed in this case.
  • Private funding loans: These loans are beneficial for small-scale business owners. It helps in providing the ability to access the cash faster.
  • Commercial mortgage loan: It is a mortgage loan that is generally secured with the help of commercial property. Commercial real estate loans: The loan to value ratio generally falls between 65- 80 %. Our company issues these loans in St. Petersburg, Florida, and everywhere within Pinellas County.
  • Hard money loans: These loans are secured by property and are valid for short terms.
  • Construction loans: These loans are offered for a short period and are used to finance construction for any real estate project.
  • Multifamily loans: Investors generally use these loans to finance multifamily projects where multiple facilities live separately.
  • Mixed-use loans: These loans are provided for properties consisting of multiple units zoned for different purposes. 
  • Owner-occupied loans: They are the preferred lending choice for most banks as little risks are involved when compared to investment properties.
  • Office building loans: As the demand for office building space grew, these loans issued great help. It has multiple prepayment premium options for borrowers.
  • Medical office building loans: Such loans are offered to those who want to construct medical office buildings.
  • Medical office loans: We offer medical loans for short-term financing.
  • Hotel loans: The borrowing limit is specified, and the interest is charged only on the credit amount and not on the limit.
  • Operating lines of credit: An operating is a flexible short-term loan that a business can use as needed to borrow up to the pre-set amount of money.
  • Machinery and equipment loans: They are issued to either repair a broken machine or purchasing new ones.
  • Condotel financing: Such loans can help you purchase a condo and convert it into a commercial condotel.
  • Commercial development loans: For this loan, you need to acquire at least 51% of the building.
  • Land development loans: These loans provide financing for buying raw land.
  • Commercial construction financing: In this loan, the repayment terms, rates, and down payments generally vary. A minimum down payment of 10% is required.
  • Commercial land loans: The Loan to ratio value for these loans is 65% to 80%. Our organization can help you procure these loans with the best benefits. 
  • Warehouse loans: These loans help the borrower get loans at favorable terms rather than short-term or unsecured loans.
  • Warehouse facility finance: It is a form of inventory financing wherein the goods or commodities are collateral.
  • Industrial loans: This loan is provided to a company and is for a short time duration.
  • Commercial and industrial loans: They provide working capital for business operations. Some collateral generally backs them.
  • C&I loans: These loans are beneficial for small-scale owners and can be paid within one or two years.
  • Commercial lenders: Our company can help you find commercial lenders to find your commercial projects.
  • Commercial mortgage brokers:  We act as a liaison between the lending institution and the business seeking the loan.
  • Million-dollar business loan: Such loans are great for small-scale organizations if your business meets eligibility criteria.
  • One million dollars unsecured loan: Our organization can help you with an unsecured loan of up to 1 million dollars if your net worth does not exceed 15 million dollars.
  • How to qualify for a 2-million-dollar loan: For this, you must have strong personal credit and been in business for few years.

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of St. Petersburg has skilled and professional financial advisors who have help thousands of businesses in procuring millions of dollars of loans. If you want our assistance, too, connect with us now.

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