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Private funding comprises different types of funding. These funds can be from friends, family members, investment groups, or private investors. Private funding loans are used mainly by small companies for growth as they facilitate various agendas of the business. Private funds are generally used to add cash flow to a business and may also come as an opportunity to receive advice from an investor.

Private Funding Loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of St. Petersburg

Private Funding Sources

  • Family and friends – Family and friends can provide funds to help grow your business. Some may give it to you like a free interest loan, some as a gift, some as a loan with interest, and others would require shares in your company.
  • Personal Investment –To some, getting a loan would not be in their mode of conduct. So, you may use your life savings or sell some property to support the business with it.
  • Venture capital investor – A venture capital investor can fund your business for shares of the company. You will also get business guidance from the investor as you share control of the company. For you who want total control of the business, this will not be ideal for you.
  • Lines of credit – You may withdraw money from your lender, pay it then borrow again if you need it.
  • Term loans – Term loans are paid monthly in a fixed amount to a credit union, a bank, or an online lender.
  • Crowdfunding – Mostly used to test customer’s tastes or preferences for your product as you will offer rewards for contributions.
  • Merchant cash advance – A business owner receives money from the lender in return for future sales.
  • Microloans – You can access up to fifty thousand as a business owner if you are not likely to get a loan from a bank. 

Advantages Of Private Funding

Approval of loans is much faster compared to loans from banks. Private funding loans have more reluctant terms compared to bank loans. Thus, the funds are disbursed quickly. If the investor happens to be a capitalist, the business receives guidance from someone who has experience. A business, therefore, will be able to flourish with few challenges in the foreseeable future.

Disadvantages of Private Funding

Private funding loans may come with additional fees or costs not typical with bank loans. These fees may be available with your investors, and you can see them in your agreements. Your payment plan may be more demanding than that of a bank loan. Interest rates are likely to be higher than loans from a bank as the risk is higher than that of a bank loan.

In conclusion, business owners who get this funding, especially from venture capital investors, expect to gain the most. For more details regarding private funds, please contact Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of St. Petersburg.

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